Piazza Creating Classroom Environment Without the Classroom

Piazza, the edtech company based in Palo Alto, continues to expand as its higher education collaborations grow. The company’s social-based technology is being implemented at hundreds of schools’ classrooms globally.

Piazza allows for students to digitally exchange information and study together – just like in a regular classroom – to make learning easier and more enjoyable. The online experience is conducted under the supervision of the course’s instructor.

“Content is useful, but one of the joys of learning at any level is sharing the learning experience with others,” said Rhonda Turner, a Piazza communications representative. “There is a large body of literature that suggests that we learn better when we share our knowledge and struggles with peers.”

Stanford’s iTunes U course on iPhone and iPad Development is one of the most recent courses to register with the program. It is one of many Stanford courses that have adopted the socializing program.

“Response to the class has been outstanding,” she said. “Thousands of people have already signed up and continue to do so.”

Piazza plans to continue its expansion into the classroom allowing students to share their knowledge of the topic on hand. But the socializing of learning won’t stop at just higher education students.

“We seek to be the social platform for anyone on earth who wants to learn at an advanced level,” Turner said.

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Source: Online Learning for Students Blog – onlinecolleges.net