Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017

Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017

Online two-year and four-year colleges represent some of the most affordable ways to enter higher education. Academic programs at the two-year level provide a solid foundation in the liberal arts and basics within certain major paths. Vocational programs take a more career-oriented track, helping students acquire specific skills they can apply on the job day one. Beyond the material itself, many junior and community colleges and universities have embraced online learning, opening their doors to a more inclusive student body – from working professionals and stay-at-home parents to those who may not be able to commute to a physical campus. The following two-year and four-year colleges offer some of the best combinations of online program volume, breadth, and affordability available today. See who stands out for 2016-2017. Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017

Online Colleges University of Southern California

An online education earned at with the University of Southern California will give graduate students the tools to take charge of their futures and succeed in their field of choosing. Graduate students at USC have the option to either earn their master’s degrees or a graduate certificate to further specialize their employment marketability. In addition to providing specialized learning to students who are looking to advance their current employment positions, USC also works with students who are looking to change careers. Qualifying students will also have the option to lighten their financial burden with financial aid packages. Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017

Online Colleges Harvard University

Harvard University provides its online students with all necessary services and materials to meet their goals in a quicker and more convenient manner. Students will have access to all the same benefits that on-campus student are provided with, including counseling services, academic advisement, and tutoring assistance specific to their field of study. Just like many of Harvard’s traditional, in-class courses, a great many online sections are transferrable to other institutions of higher education, giving students the chance to complete their education at whichever location they are most comfortable with. Online classes at Harvard may also be covered by financial aid. Best Online Colleges for 2016-2017

Online Colleges Drexel University

Drexel University students have the opportunity to complete their degree—either whole or in increments—with a variety of online course sections. These classes offer the same educational opportunities as traditional courses, including opportunities for credit transferability. Students will work with teachers familiar with the online format and who are equipped with the skill needed to effectively provide a quality educational experience for their students. All necessary course materials will be afforded to students in online courses, so they will be able tailor their educational schedule to fit into their daily routine. Online students may take advantage of all student services offered to traditional students.

Canisius College Online Colleges

Students attending Canisius College have the choice to complete their master’s degree or graduate certificate through a wide variety of online courses. These degrees can be completed in either entirely an online format or in a hybrid formats, giving students the unique opportunity to design their academic schedule to fit into their everyday lives. Students who choose to study in a hybrid format may also engage in numerous campus activities, including several student-run clubs, Greek life chapters, and intramural or club sports teams. Online students can be assured that they will receive the same education in their virtual course a traditional student would receive in a Canisius College classroom.

Concordia University-Wisconsin Online Colleges

With over 50 specialized online degrees available to students, Concordia University of Wisconsin has built an environment—both physical and virtual—that is designed to streamline a student’s educational experience and get them into their careers as soon as possible. Online students can make use of any of the student services offered at the CUW campus. Academic advisement services will help students to find the correct online sections to allow the flexibility they need in their school schedules. Online students also have the option to choose whether they want to complete their degrees as a full-time student or a part-time student.

Webster University

Webster University offers online programs at the certificate, baccalaureate, and graduate level, all of which vary through several fields of study. Students taking online classes will be able to construct their own schedules and complete their coursework at their own pace. Further freedom of schedule is available for students completing their work part-time. Students also have the choice of completing their classes in a hybrid format, splitting their academic time between home and the Webster University campus. Online students will also be provided with all necessary student services to secure their success, including career counseling and tech services.

Champlain College

Students studying at Champlain College may take advantage of a wide variety of online course offerings to expedite their academic career. With more than 50 programs offered in a 100 percent online format—ranging between certificate, bachelor’s, and master’s programs—students of all levels may supplement their education with coursework completed entirely from home. Champlain College may accept up to 90 credits of transferable credit from other institutions, guaranteeing that prior scholarly effort will be recognized and students may not need to repeat previously completed courses. Certain online courses taken with Champlain College also may be transferred to other institutions.

Johns Hopkins University

Students enrolled at Johns Hopkins University no longer need to be on campus to complete their courses. Several degree programs offered at JHU, ranging in level, may be completed entirely from the comfort of home. With dozens of classes being offered in online sections, students may also choose to supplement some of their traditional courses with online work. Utilizing online learning allows students to build more flexible schedules, ensuring student work is getting completed at a comfortable pace. The JHU admissions department is willing to work with any incoming transfer student to find any applicable areas for transfer credit to be utilized.

Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale

Keiser University at Fort Lauderdale provides its students with several opportunities to complete the entirety of their coursework with online classes. Online courses are taught by teachers who have several semesters of experiencing teaching in an online format. All coursework and supplementary materials will be provided online, and students will have the option to complete their work at their own pace. Financial aid is administered in the form of loans, scholarships, and federal aid, and online students have the same opportunities to receive aid as traditional students. Online students may complete their coursework in full-time or part-time formats.

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Fitting school into a busy schedule is rarely a simple process; that’s why North Carolina State University at Raleigh offers several of their programs in a format that can be completed from a distance. Utilizing online learning at NCSU means that students get to choose when and where they complete their studies, and when to focus on life’s other commitments. Students taking online courses will have opportunities to make use of facetime with their professor through video chat sessions, and will participate in several discussion boards that will allow them to socialize with their peers.

Southwestern College

Several online programs, ranging from certificate to graduate, are available to students enrolled at Southwestern College. Online students may choose to complete one of these programs without ever having to actually be present on the Southwestern College campus. Other students interested in online learning may wish to consider a hybrid learning format, where they will split their academics between online and in-person learning. Hybrid students can make use of the flexibility afforded through online learning while also participating in many of the extracurricular activities available on the Southwestern College campus. Online classes are just as likely to be covered by financial aid as traditional courses.

University of St Francis

Over 120 classes offered at the University of St. Francis are available in online formats, many of which go towards degree programs that can be completed entirely from home. Online students will benefit from more flexible coursework schedules and will be able to save the money a traditional student would need to spend on transit and parking. Student resources are available to all St. Francis students, including any distance learnings. Online support is available at all hours, guaranteeing students will be able to complete their schoolwork at whatever time they wish. Online credit earned at the University of St. Francis may be accepted at other institutions of higher education.

Indiana Wesleyan University

At Indiana Wesleyan University, students will be able to receive an affordable and convenient education. By taking advantage of one of Indiana Wesleyan’s online programs, students will be able to complete their academics at a pace with which they are comfortable. Just like traditional learners, online students will have several opportunities to receive financial aid to make earning a college education a less stressful pursuit. Online students will also receive all necessary support from the Indiana Wesleyan University faculty and staff. Faculty members have several years of experience in teaching online courses, and are prepared to help all incoming online students reach their goals.

Siena Heights University

Not only does Siena Heights University offer some of the country’s most successful online degree programs, but students are also able to select from four minors that can be completed online, as well. More than 80 full-time faculty members are employed at Siena Heights University, several of which have many semesters of experience teaching online students. A great many of Siena Heights students receive financial aid in some form, be it scholarships, grants, or federal aid. Online students may also wish to study in a hybrid format, and split their time evenly between home and the Siena Heights campus.

Clemson University

By studying in an online program at Clemson University, students will be able to access their coursework from whichever location they feel will best support their productivity. Online students have the benefit of not only choosing their location, but also choosing when to complete their studies. Clemson University employs highly-trained faculty members who are aware of the special circumstances that many online students are working around, and are prepared to help all student reach their goals. Students will be able to interact with their teachers and peers through message board communication and video chatting, helping to build a productive virtual community.


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