7 Top Career Apps for Online Students

career appsManaging a career and conducting a job search can be complex processes involving multiple steps and skills. There are a lot of resources available to help you learn more about what to expect whether you are actively looking for a new job now, anticipate a job search on the horizon, or are interested in professional networking and career development in your current position.

This post is the fifth in a series featuring helpful apps for online students (see the previous entries on mobile note-taking, study skills, productivity, and writing). My goal with each of these articles is to narrow down the increasing number of mobile apps available that have the potential to support your success as an online student. For this post, I looked for apps that specifically focus on career development activities and job search tasks. The following guidelines framed my search:

  • Free vs. Paid: Low- or no-cost options exist, so that you can quickly get started with a basic account and limited financial commitment.
  • Cross-platform: Each app on the list is available for use on more than one kind of device or operating system (i.e., Android, Blackberry, iOS, Web, Windows).
  • Recommendations: These apps all have good ratings or reviews from other users who have already tried them out.

7 Career and Job Search Apps

There are applications available to help you conduct relevant Internet and database searches, store your notes about new contacts, track the status of individual applications, and present yourself as a potential candidate online and in person. Think about how you might access these tools on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to:

  • Explore options and ideas about different career fields, as well as companies in your area of interest that are hiring now.
  • Organize your approach, materials, and networking contacts.
  • Prepare to participate in the job search process by gaining knowledge about current employment trends and practicing your interview skills.

If you are looking for tools to support your career development and job search efforts, the following apps provide a variety of functions and features to get you started:

  1. CareerOneStop: The newly designed CareerOneStop.org offers access to six tools created for use via mobile device. Explore the options connecting you to regional job centers, job listings, veterans job search tools, salary estimates, local training programs, and unemployment insurance. This resource collection is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. [Web]
  2. Glassdoor: You’ll find a wide variety of information available on the Glassdoor website, from job listings to career advice blogs. The app provides mobile access to these and other features, such as company reviews and salary estimates, which include details submitted by employees. You can view basic information without registering, but signing up for a free account allows access to more results in your search. [Android, iOS, Web]
  3. Indeed: This tool allows you to search for current vacancy announcements by keyword and location. Job seekers can also create a personal account and upload resumes that can then be searched by employers who are also using the site. Similar mobile apps are available from Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com [Android, iOS, Web]
  4. JibberJobber: Create a free account on this site to set up a “personal relationship manager for your career.” This tool helps you track your job search tasks (e.g., application status, interviews), networking contacts, and companies of interest. You can conduct a search of posted job openings and view job search tutorial videos from within the site. The mobile version allows you to connect with your information from anywhere you have access to the Internet. [Web]
  5. Job Compass: If you are searching for a new job in a specific location, this app uses a map to show you where current openings are being advertised. Enter a job title or keyword, add an address or zip code, and choose the distance you’d be willing to travel from that point. Interested in working overseas? The Job Compass system includes access to postings in more than 55 countries. [Android, iOS, Web]
  6. Job Interview Q&A: This tool from CareerConfidential.com brings interview practice to your mobile device. The prompts include 20 typical interview questions. You can record your responses via your device’s camera and microphone then review the video to critique your work. The system’s career coach provides input on the answers hiring managers expect during an interview, and tips for customizing your approach. [Android, iOS]
  7. LinkedIn: If you haven’t already set up a profile on LinkedIn, what are you waiting for? This platform is designed specifically for professional networking, and its features allow you to not only search for jobs, but also explore career options, receive industry news, and connect with others who have similar career interests and questions. The mobile app makes this system even more flexible allowing you to take your profile on the go as a form of web-based resume or portfolio. [Android, Blackberry, Windows, Web]

Selecting a Career or Job Search App

The apps I’ve featured above are just a few of the many options available. Selecting one (or two) that work best for you should include careful consideration of the following:

  • Synching: If you’re like me, you switch from laptop to smartphone during the day. Look for apps that “synch” your job search efforts and related notes, so you can start where you left off no matter when and how you log in.
  • Specialization: The primary goal of using a career or job search app is to make whatever you are trying to do easier and more convenient. There are niche apps, like the job interview tool listed above, that focus on a specific task or topic. Prioritize your needs and interests and then identify the tools designed to get you where you want to go right now, whether it’s identifying and applying for jobs or building a professional network.
  • Security: Who is maintaining and offering the app? Is it a credible source? Take a few minutes to review the “about” information posted with any application you are interested in using or downloading. Find out more about how your personal information may be used by the app’s sponsor before registering for an account.

Make a list of must-have features that would help you reach your career development and job search goals. The idea is to find something that is easy to use, so that it becomes part of your regular routine, and not an extra source of frustration. Don’t forget to talk with advisors at your school’s career center. They can recommend additional mobile apps and web-based resources, and may even have a specialized career app available just for students at your institution.

Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know what has been the most helpful to you in your career exploration and job search.

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Source: Inside Online Learning Blog